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ABNL being conscious of the rising wave of environmental awareness in the world and in Nigeria in particular, has as an integral part of its’ policy, a total commitment to conservation of the environment. In line with our vision, ABNL Ltd through her subsidiary companies ABNL Environmental Services have formed a network of Strategic Alliance with renowned companies. The alliance group is pivoted by a common goal to facilitate technology transfer, improve environmental response and ensure the application of best feasible and cost effective options in environmental services.

The ABNL Environmental Services is accredited by the Federal Ministry of the Environment (FME) and the Department of Petroleum (DPR).

ABNL offers expert environmental services to numerous E & P companies and Allied companies, including government agencies. Our attested environmental services include, but not limited to the following.

    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Phase 1 site assessment and characterization
    • Risk Assessment and Environmental Audit
    • Remedial Design
    • Post Impact Assessment
    • Waste Management
    • Spill Response and Management

ABNL has the state-of-the-art technology and support structure to continue to play pacesetting roles in this millennium to conserve our natural environment.