Vision & Mission Statements


Indigenous Petroleum Industry Services Company with Global Reputation for Innovations and excellence


Our mission is to build a prosperous, diversified petroleum service companies, characterized by indigenous professionalism, integrity and commitment to excellence in the development of Nigerian Oil and Gas Resources.


In our offices to actualise our vision and mission, we have set for ourselves the following objectives: –

  1. Timely and effective transfer of technology to Nigerian professionals in areas of Design Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation, Construction, Commissioning and Operation of state-of –the art oil and gas production facilities through our Technology Transfer program.
  1. Align with the very best global Oil & Gas Service Companies to bring to Nigeria only the cost effective and proven to be highly efficient technologies to help develop Nigeria’s Oil & Gas Resources.
  1. Promote and employ in Nigeria the best available, effective environmental technologies that comply with the most stringent environmental standards in the World.
  1. Increase the local content of our business to a maximum possible.
  1. Engineer the highest safety and quality standards into all our facilities and operations.
  1. Work proactively with our various projects host communities.