Community Relations

87It is the policy of ABNL Ltd. to foster good and conducive working relationship with the communities in which it has projects to execute. ABNL shall endeavor to carry out its work in a manner that will not in any way place the host community in danger.

ABNL recognizes the unique and all-important position of the host communities to the successful completion of any project. ABNL strives to do all that is reasonably possible to ensure that relationship with the host community remains cordial and mutually beneficial. To achieve this desire we shall undertake the following steps, we are however aware that the modus of implementation varies from one community to the other.

It is ABNL’s policy to retain the services of reputable consultants from the host community or a neighboring community to compliment and work in consonance with ABNL’s In House community relationships’ officer to develop an acceptable and practical development assistance program for the community.

In case where at ABNL’s project site, there are more than one company on the contract. ABNL community relations department will form an alliance with complimenting departments of all other prime contractors on the project site with client’s community officer acting as leader

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the management plan are as follows:

  • To improve the quality of life in the host Community
  • To establish a community development program which address some problems of the host Community.
  • To facilitate work in partnership with the host community and other stakeholders
  • To encourage the full participation of the host community in the execution of the project
  • To maintain healthy communication with all segments in the community in order to address their needs.
  • To focus on community development assistance on project having high impact on the host population and not any selected group.