ABNL has the abiengineering designlity to source and recruit both locally and overseas the most qualified personnel in all fields of Engineering and Office Support/Administration including but not limited to:


  • Provide field personnel with proven local and international background and knowledge to perform commissioning, startup, and steady state operation, of oil and gas facilities.
  • Achieve prescribed monthly production targets including, among other things, crude oil volumes/quality, gas volumes/quality of (gas Compression and gas re-injection), effluent water quality/ disposal volumes, etc.
  • Provide and Implement the chosen maintenance management system for all oil and gas facilities. This includes fine tuning the program to fit all new field facilities, updating spare parts interchangeability records, and developing detailed schedules.
  • Provide reliability combined with cost effectiveness, to produce and evacuate hydrocarbons. This is accomplished in a manner which is safe for personnel and the environment.
  • Provide and Safeguard the technical integrity of all production facilities and installations.
  • Develop and implement a training program (both formal and shadow/mentor training) for E and P Companies Production Personnel, which assures a level of operational competency of Oil and Gas facilities
  • Provide a single point of authority and coordination through Client’s management.
  • Provide production planning/forecast, along with reporting to prospective Clients.


To many industries, a continuous production is a vital factor. Therefore, any risk of disruption of the output has to be minimized through a high quality maintenance service.

ABNL LTD provide both preventive and corrective maintenance for oil and gas facilities including power generation plants, platforms, flow-stations, gas stations, rigs, tank farms, refineries, pipelines and many more.

ABNL LTD maintenance capability includes, but not limited to:

  • Mechanical & rotating machines: Inspection & testingfabrication
  • Engines (diesel and gas)
  • Pumps (fire, centrifugal)
  • Piping & Vessels:
  • Internal cleaning (class 1 & 2):
  • Air flushing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Pigging
  • Corrosion protection (sandblasting)
  • Pneumatic leak testing
  • Protection
  • Suction filter
  • Safety valves
  • Anti-surge systems
  • Instrumentation & Electrical devices calibration
  • Steel structures removal and replacement
  • Conduct a Preventive and Maintenance Audit
  • Annual facility inspection, painting and pipeline emergency repairs


  • Oil and Gas facilities operators.
  • Instrumentation Engineers/Managers/Superintendents
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical/Piping Engineers
  • Civil/Structural Engineers
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspectors/Engineers
  • NDT Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Design Engineers
  • AutoCAD Specialists
  • Telecom Engineers
  • Cost Control/Planning Engineers
  • Welding Inspectors/Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Loss Prevention Engineers
  • Marine Engineers
  • Radiographers/Interpreters

Office Support/Administration

  • Legal Officers
  • Contract Administrators
  • Finance/Accounting Officers
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Office Managers/Administrators
  • Logistics/Protocol Officers
  • Expediters
  • Procurement officers
  • IT Personnel
  • Radio Operators